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Lovingston Va

Thur pm

I rec'd your card glad you all got back ok well Mama [Minnie W. Harris] haven't come back yet. she making quite a long stay dont know what so interesting I havent heard a word from her have you? I carried few chickens to Lovingston for her this morng they brought $8.75 I Banked that for her. I sold the calf to Norland he wouldant offer but $22.50 I priced him up to $23.00 I hated to be under $25.00 for the calf but market so bad I dont reckon it would payed to keep her any longer. Fox made out he would give $25.00 he had the first chance & wouldent make any ofer I told him I got $24.00 so he coudent think hard. Wee had a nice rain this even Curtis & Vaun [Von Matthews] went to show in Loving to knight every thing so lonly I wish I of went my horse dont no gee & har I got my rows crooket well it is bd [bed] time Write again