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1421 N. Robinson St. Phila, Pa., 31


Dear Bob:

How are you fine? I do hope, Sorry I couldn't write sooner and have an [offul?] lots of Lessons to do, because I was promoted to a higher grade I'm now in 8A-1. How's the weather down there? It's been pretty cold up here. Yesterday it was raining all day and also very damp and foggy. We have two holiday's off Thursday and Friday Im very glad too. Because I have to copy a lot of homework over. I'm going to get my picture taken pretty soon and I"ll send you one if if they turn out good. Have you seen any good pictures lately. I am going to the movies tomorrow to see "Naughtey Marreta" [Marietta]" I saw a picture last week [Callen?] "Our Heart's were young and Gay". My Brother birthday was the 22nd and he was 22 yr. old. He was 19 when he went away and now he's 22 yrs. old and we