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her the share due her out of the Estate she [illegible] the afair! Negroe Pall & in consequcence thereof brought him into this County in the month of December 1806, a few months after the law on the subject commences its objection. That the said Esther Looney at the time in [petition?] is informed & believes was [illegible] of the extremes of such a loss. These facts your Peto. will be able to prove to the satisfaction of this Hon'ble body. He protests most solomny against a previous knowledge, these the [illegible] of this sd [illegible] this state, were inhibited by the laws & under these circumstances your Petr. would humbly hopes that the Legislature will afford him which by empowering him to have the said slave in this Comlth & exempt the [illegible] from any fines, penalty or forfeitures incurred by reason of the importation. [?] will ever pray [?] John Walker John Walker petition Legislature December 6th 1817 refd. to Cts. of J. Reasonable Decr 12 1817 Bill drawn