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Entered the 11th of November 1802 Nelson Crawford Jr Ds for Nathan Crawford

2t00 159 399

Tobias a free Negro to } Capias Campbells Admr decd. by acc. no bl. Harris

1802 Nov Co on Dep Dec. Co Cony & cng 1804 March. W. Eng: set a = Five N.A.A.L. fully Admd Issues & contd & Plt not being a residt. of this State ruld. to give Secty: [Security] for Costs within 60 Days acdg to law.. = May - Disd. Plt. failg: to give Secty. for Costs agreeable to a former order of this Ct (exceptnsfiled. Appl grant sd. Plt Bond given by Danl. McDonald Secty. in the penalty of £20. —

1805 Nov: Dnl. McDonald Secty for Costs