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1916 Oct. 9. Calendar for Fair Week Booth decorated by Mrs. Flanagan & Mrs. Read. Mrs. Waters & Miss Morrill arrive from Washington and are met by Mrs. Meredith Mrs. Urquhart, Mrs. Flanagan and Mrs. Read in decorated automobile. Drive about the city; streets meeting at 5th & Broad addressed by Mrs. Waters; visit to booth at Fair, meeting at night " " " 10 Speakers at fair Mrs. Meredith, Mrs. Waters, Miss Morrill and Mrs. Flanagan. " 11 Speakers & workers, Mrs. Meredith Mrs. Flanagan Mrs. Hooker Mrs. Urquhart, Miss Jennings Mrs. Read. Mrs. Waters & Miss Morrill. Miss Stinson scatters C. U. suffrage literature during one of her flights in aeroplane. Miss Lillie Barbour state factory inspector speaks for C. U. Mr. Jesse Duke " " " ". Oct 12 Mrs. Meredith, Mrs. Waters, Miss Morrill Mrs. Flanagan, Mrs. Hooker and Mrs. Read in attendance at booth. Miss Lillie Barbour speaks for the Va. Branch of the C. U.