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1916 Oct. 13. Thirty thousand Hundreds of flyers distributed at fair by Mrs. Meredith, Mrs. Hooker. Mrs. Flanagan Mrs. Waters, Miss Morrill & Mrs. Read. Mrs. Meredith congratulated the committee on having the prettiest suffrage booth ever decorated for the State Fair Publicity given the C. U. work at fair by the Journal and News Leader gives satisfaction to all the members. Large and enthusiastic open air meeting 5th + Broad. Mrs. Waters, Mrs. Flanagan Mrs. Meredith Miss Morrill Mrs. Hooker " Meredith " Waters Miss Morrill Mrs. Flanagan " Percy Read. THE EVENING JOURNAL, FRIDAY, OCTOBER 13, 1916 ON THE FIRING LINE Booth - Va. Branch of the Congressional Union for Woman Suffrage State Fair, Richmond, Va. 1916.