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WILLLARD SAULSBURY, DEL. BERT M. FERNALD, ME. CHARLES A. CULBERSON, TEX. CHARLES CURTIS, KANS. THOMAS W. HARDWICK, GA. HOWARD SUTHERLAND, W. VA. ROBERT F. BROUSSARD, LA. JOSEPH S. FRELINGHUYSEN, N.J. J. C. W. BECKHAM, KY. JOSEPH I. FRANCE, MD. ARCHIBALD ODEN, JR., CLERK. United States Senate, COMMITTEE ON PUBLIC BUILDINGS AND GROUNDS. February 12, 1918. Mrs. Marion T. Read, Highland Springs, Va. My dear Mrs. Read: I am just in receipt of your letter of the 11th instant, relative to the Federal Suffrage Amendment, which I have noted. In reply will say that I shall be glad to give this matter full and fair consideration when the time comes to act upon it in the Senate. I thank you for writing me and so fully expressing your views. With kind regards and best wishes, I am, Yours very truly, Claude [illegible]