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111 The News Leader Richmond, Va. March 29 - 1918 DR. WILEY WILL SPEAK HERE APRIL 3 DR. HARVEY W. WILEY. Address to be in Defense of National Woman Suffrage Amendment. Who Speaks in Richmond April 3. Dr. Harvey W. Wiley, of Washington, who is regarded as one who speaks with authority on the question of woman suffrage, will appear here April 3, at the Jefferson auditorium. His whole life work has taught him how much the public welfare need women in government. After thirty years of government service, devoted to the protection of the public health, Dr. Wiley became prominent some years ago when an official investigation disclosed the fact that a movement was on foot to remove him from his official position in disgrace. Dr. Wiley is one of those after-dinner speakers Washington always welcomes. His sense of humor, wide information and genuine human sympathy make him an interesting speaker on many subjects. For a time he was president of the Cosmos Club, the favorite resort of his bachelor days. Since he left the government service, to be more free in speech and action, Dr. Wiley has devoted himself to an educational campaign for pure food and honest labels. Now, when the suffrage amendment is in the senate, Dr. Wiley has volunteered his time as a speaker in the campaign that is being made for action in the senate. Mrs. Harvey Wiley is also an enthusiastic suffragist and a member of the advisory council of the National Woman's Party.

The News Leader April 4 - 1918 DR. WILEY JUSTIFIES PICKETING AS A WAR MEASURE Food Expert and Miss Mabel Vernon Speak for Suffrage Amendment. Dr. Harvey W. Wiley and Miss Mabel Vernon, spoke at the Jefferson hotel auditorium last night, in advocacy of the passage of the Susan B Anthony suffrage amendment by the senate. The meeting was held under the auspices of the local branch of the Woman's party. Dr. Wiley justified the methods of pickets in Washington. His wife was among those sent to jail, and to this face he pointed with pride, declaring he was glad his children could be able to say, "My mother went to jail because she stood for what she thought was right" He said picketing was a war measure; that at this time, when the government is calling upon women to render every possible service, it is nothing but right that they should be given the ballot. He declared that some of the countries which America has been striving to democracize, including Russia, are in some respects further advanced than America is, in that they have recognized the right of the governed to help govern, through the ballot. Miss Vernon's address was the shorter of the two. She spoke in advocacy of the Anthony amendment and told briefly of some of her experiences. She has been an active factor in several suffrage victories and is still in trim to "see it through" in congress. The meeting passed a resolution calling upon the Virginia senators to support the suffrage amendment now pending. Rev. Frank Pratt introduced the speakers. An audience of probably 800 persons greeted the visitors, nearly filling the auditorium.