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114 to extend to the Hon. Bascom Slemp, Representative from the Ninth District, a rising vote of thanks in acknowledgement of his vote in favor of the Federal Suffrage Amend. The Secretary was instructed to write to Mr. Slemp reporting the action of the Branch Mrs. Jones of Norfolk reported that Mrs. Siegel of the same city had been the means of sending to Washington many petitions demanding the passage of the Anthony Amend. The report of the State Chairman, Mrs. Meredith followed. She urged that every effort be concentrated upon the work for the Amendment and that personal affairs be put aside until success is achieved. This was received with applause The last report was that of the Secretary. The resolution offered by the chairman was unanimously adopted. Mrs. Adams, Mrs. Butler and Dr. Bossieux were appointed a nominating committee by the chair. Mrs. Sophie G. Meredith was nominated for State Chairman and unanimously elected. The remaining officers were nominated from the floor and elected as follows.