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1918 April 3 - 1918 The meeting at the Jefferson Auditorium for Dr. Wiley and Miss Vernon had a larger attendance than any previous venture of the Va. Branch of the Nat'l Woman's Party. Mrs. Meredith presided and after stating the aims of the Woman's Party presented Rev. Frank W. Pratt who introduced the speakers Dr. Wiley and Miss Vernon. Mr. Pratt spoke of the great struggle going on between autocracy and democracy and that to his was the supreme struggle of the day."Everything" he said, "Which helps for democracy helps in this supreme struggle." In presenting the distinguished pure food expert, Mr. Pratt spoke of him as the Father of the Pure Food Law and said that he had made life safer for every American. Dr. Wiley's address was interesting, convincing and somewhat humurous. He pointed out that the fetishes which block the road to Suffrage have no foundation in fact and quoted the Bible to support his conclusions.