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118 - 119 9sheet glued in] Report of Membership Chairman, Virginia, April 3, 1918. A recent checking of books at Headquarters shows that we now have 533 members, 120 of whom are men. On June 10, 1917, we had 441, 113 being men. We have members at seventy one points. See attached list. The following named places have members as listed and have some organization and should do good work: Alexandria, 17, Mrs. C. E. Nicol, Appomattox, 7, Miss Anna Jones, Ballston, 6, Cherrydale, 7, Falls Church, 12, Highland Springs, 6, Mrs. Frank Read [Kate Gebhardt Read], Hopewell, 8, Dr. Carrie Davis, Lucketts, 4, Mrs. Emma Willard, Lynchburg, 17, Mrs. Christine Staton, Norfolk, 91, Miss V. D. Poindexter, Newport News, 24, Mrs. W. R. Jennings, Portsmouth, 6, Petersburg, 38, Miss Hariet J. Thomas, Richmond, 203, Roanoke, 15, Mrs. W. T. Barbour, Vienna, 5, Since we met June 10th, I have sent out 723 letters about this work, a large number of cards and considerable literature. Many lists have been made up giving lists of members at various points, and names of persons who might be interested, making suggestions etc. Of course the State membership chairman should be a person deeply interested in suffrage, willing to work for it, and with time and money to travel, certainly a portion of the time. I have never been able to do the work I want to do, but I have willingly held the position awaiting the coming of some one who can do more. We have had very little money for this branch of the work and there is none now on hand. I have done some visiting, attended such meetings as I could and have secured some members. Miss Poindexter has done fine work and special mention is her due. The ladies have not been asked for reports for this meeting, because I was not expecting it before June 10th and there was not sufficient time to get necessary information. We should grow more rapidly now than heretofore and each member should feel the importance of getting petitions and sending them in and of getting all members they can. It is hoped that organization of cities, towns and counties will be pressed. The National Membership Chairman is now sending a list of new members each month which I will check and send in to Mrs. Meredith, unless she desires the cards made up. We simply must grow and grow and then keep on GROWING.