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124 - 125 Owing to war work, Red Cross classes and the absence of members from Richmond during the summer and last but not least on account of influenza, meetings of the Va. Branch of the Woman's Party were not resumed until December. In the meantime however much to our alarm our frail but fearless chairman was arrested in Washington in July - while performing her duty in protesting against the delay in passing the federal suffrage amendment The meeting in December held on the sixth was given over to discussion of sending delegates to Washington in answer to the appeal from headquarters to come and burn the "Presidents words." Mrs. Meredith assisted by the Secretary wrote to the chairman of each Va. district urging them to send delegates and money to Washington as every effort must be made to win the needed votes in the Senate. On December 30 a meeting was held at the home of the chairman at which a cablegram was prepared to send as a New Year's greeting to Pres. Wilson in Paris. "Suffrage delayed is suffrage denied." Resolutions were drawn up to send to the Senate. Miss Jennings

6th District Mrs. Barbour sent many telegrams & resolutions