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Hanover [illegible}

Inquistion indented and taken in Saint Martins Parrish in the County aforesaid the 20th Day of August in the year of our Lord One Thousand Seven Hundred & sixty eight before me John Meriwether, [illegible] one of the Coroner for said County whom view of the body of Mary Banks an infant late of the County aforesaid then and there lying dead and whom the oath Thos Trevilian, Jas Byars, John Day, John Williams, David Richardson, Thos Anderson, John Henry, John Anderson, John McGeorge, John Hendrick, James Matthews, Joseph Williamson, good and lawful men of the Parish and County aforesaid who being charged and sworn to acquire how and in what manner the said Mary Banks by her Death came whom their oaths do say that on the 18 Day of August in the year aforesaid the said Mary Banks in company with her mother in attempting to [illegible] the North Branch of Pamunkey River was unfortunately drowned in testimony where at the said coroner as the jurors aforesaid to the Inquisition have severally put our state the day year place first above mentioned John Meriwether Co