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McBride vs Morris [illegible] Statement of Garland Cahill

We the jury find that the negro London in the Declaration mentioned by [illegible] gift was given [torn paper] John Starke to whom he then belonged, to John M [paper torn} Gilbert in consideration of his said Jno W Gilbert having married Sally, the daughter of said [illegible] That shortly after said gift, which was made some time about 1773, the said Jno Wiatt Gilbert became possessed of said slave in consequence of said gift, & remained so possessed until his death, which happened 7 or 8 years after no claim having been in the meantime by said John Stark - Jno Wiatt Gilbert departed this life sometime in the year 1781 having made and published his last Will & Testament by which he devised said slave to his daughter Ellizabeth Gilbert when she came of age or married as will appear reference being had to the said Will recorded in the Court of Amherst on the following [illegible] & figures [illegible]. In the name of God [illegible]- of this will George Gilbert qualified as on the 3rd [illegible]