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State of North Carolina Stokes County }Twelfth of December 1829 In Obedience to a Commission to us directed from the Clerk of the County Court of Albemarle County and State of Virginia. On this day we John Hill and Anthony Betting two of the Justices of the peace in and for the said County of Stokes have assembled ourselves in the Court House for said County in the town of Germanton and caused to appear before us Joshua Banner, and him diligently examined taking such matters & things as he may know concerning a certain matter of controversy, in the County Court of Albemarle in the State of Virginia depending and undetermined between William H. Diggs plaintiff and William Morris defendant, who after being duly sworn upon the Holy evangelist of Almightly God, to speak the truth the whole truth and nothing but the truth deposeth and saith as follow to wit, That on the 2nd day of January 1828, there were two negro boys, one calling his name Caesar and the other calling his name Anthony, deposited in the Jail of Stokes County of which he was then the Keeper who both said that they belonged to one William Morris of the County of Albemarle in the State of Virginia, that the said negroes were committed by Thomas T Armstrong a Justice of the peace as runaways, that they remained in Jail until the 3rd day of March thereafter making in all according to his calculation seventy one days, that the fees to which he was then entitled by law was forty cents pr day for each prisoner, which would amount to fifty six dollars & eighty cents, that he was entitled to one dollar & twenty cents as door fees that this person who took them up claimed a reward of ten dollars which he said was offered for their apprehension, and five dollars for expense and trouble in taking & bringing them to Jail, that he the said Joshua Banner charged five dollars, as the amount which he paid for advertising them according to our acts assembly (which he believes is greatly less than he actually paid the different printing) and that he charged three dollar and twenty cents for blankets furnished the negroes while they were in Jail, which several items amounted to Eighty one dollars and twenty cents, he further swears that on the said 13th day of March 1828, Mr. William H. Diggs came before Jeremiah Gibson a Justice of the Peace, and proved by his own oath that the said negroes were the property of William Morris of the County of Albemarle in the state of Virginia