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(drawings on the side) Gay Nineties The Circus The Barn Pirates Den The Ranch POST EXCHANGEst Exchanges-in each area recognized by their red and yellow color. a. Haircuts: There's a barber shop in each area PX. b. Enlisted men's clothing store at Building #1406. Theatres-Five War Department theatres painted blue. Service Clubs-Three, located in Area #1, Area #8 and Area #21. Kilmer Bowl-Outdoor amphitheatre on Road 3, near Theatre #4. Officers' Club-Building 1308, across from Post Headquarters, and flag pole. Non-Commissioned Officers' Club-Buildings #1511 and #606. Officers' Post Exchange #13-Building #1303, near Post Headquarters. Officers' uniforms are available here. Victory Room-Officers' Restaurant, across from Officers' Post Exchange. PX Beer Halls-Unusual club atmosphere (Gay 90's, Area #1; Pirate's Den, Area #3; Circus, Area #5; Ranch, Area #7; Barn, Area #9). For those who wish to engage in athletic sports, there are handball courts, tennis courts, and gymnasia with equipment available. Your Area Headquarters will give you information concerning these. [21]