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[pencil drawing of two triangles - the drawing looks like one triangle was drawn then that triangle was pulled away from the first one to make the shape]

[At top of left triangle] T [At top of right triangle] A.P. [to the side] +

[partially up the side of the left triangle and in the space between the two triangles] 2000 [pretty much right across from that number] 300

[At bottom of triangle] DC

G Z09

200 [division symbol] 2 = 100 x .4 =

[half-circle with arc inside. The spokes of the arcs are labelled (from left to right)] 0, -4, -7, -9, 0, .9, .7, .4, 0

[repeat of a drawing of two triangles with an arc in the middle]

Montreuil Y [there is a tail going from the bottom of the y towards the right]