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German Map Signs

Trenches with snipe holes [ragged line with small stripes on top - there are four boxes labelled] obs. points

Without snipe holes [drawing -u-u-u-u- with the - connected to the top of the u's]

Communication /(Principal) [double line; slightly wavy]

Trenches / (Secondary) [single line; slightly wavy]


      Imformations) [meandering dotted line]

Abandoned - - - - - - - Batteries

[looks like a straight bridge with 4 stations] 4-pieces [picture of four arrows coming out of a line]

Lone epaulment [upside u or horseshoe shape]

If possible the actual no. of guns is drawn.

Antiaircraft gun [bisected (vertically) circle with a line on each side] Camps [black rectangles] Ammunition depot [shape in a rectangle] Wagon-parks [box with parc written inside]