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German Map Sgns - Cont.

Works + wire [looks like a cloud] Entanglements XXXXXX Abattis + Obstictes ///////// Shelters [picture of two empty boxes then a long rectangle with a smaller rectangle on top] Trous de loup . . . . Obs-point-Comm. post- OOr.[box] P.C. Craters * * * Mch - G. [looks like an upside down square bracket with an arrow sticking out the top, next to it is an M] Trench morter [circle with an arrow sticking out the top, next to it is a B] Revolving Cannon 1/1 C.R. Lone piece \\\

Ry - Mormet Gauge _____ " Narrow - G +++++++

German wks in Blue

French Wks in Red First line Trenches [meandering dotted line; next to that is a slightly curved line with lines coming out the bottom] Black or Red Cuts Fills. Tunnel [looks like a leaf] [looks like a paramecium] [several small wavy lines (blank center) several wavy lines Under that it says viaduct [end has vertical outward facing brackets with lines] culvert [written vertically]