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Oct. 18

13. Pulled to Village of Parvre & waiting orders.

14 A little firing today - in O.P. see Aisne River. Batt. & mch. gun fire. Rumor 12 P.M. to stop to talk piece.

18 in O.P. 3.30 P.M. Air battle, French & Come planes down a Bache.Some battle!!

Mr. Saintignon Robert, safeur telegraphiste 8 e genie secteur 70 g, Rue Royer, Collard, Armee francaise, Paris (Ver)

27 Pulled out of Parvie.

31 In Position at Exermont Apalmont - Argone Front

Nov 1. Nov.

Drive started at 4 A.M: Pulled up 11 KM to Landreville - Sent to Bayonville with Matson - as Caysone. Shells in each hr, 30 min

3 Pulled to Fusse & to Jorge Forms.

4 Wounded coming back. Dead horses. Roads mudy. No chow.