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Oct. 1918 Some Gf [gunfire] - Mont. Blanc.

1 Pulled to position at dark.

2 German Tanks. Burnt up German trenches - Shell holes - & dead everywhere. 2 Out of range grms - pull up. M sector dead Germans in large numbers. Most in entrance of duguts. See lots of Comes also. M. O. P. can see fire on all parts of enemy. Lt. Bowers killed in 3 Btn. o.p. Shells on us every day. Balloons shot down - 1 Civ plane in flames - German) several sent to ground by guns. Ok towns of Machault, St. Etienne and Dircourt. 1st in flames the 10th Ammunition dumps. Infantry & Marines relieved yesterday & day before. Almost 50% causiltes. Moved up 5 kilometers.

12 Germans retreated to Aisne River - no trace of them after Machenoult.

[on side of page in margin - landscape orientation] Shell killed 3 of horses off H.Q. Detail Mont Blanc.