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Oct. 1918 Some [Gf?] - Mont. Blanc. 1 Pulled to position at dark. 2 German Tanks. Burnt up German trenches - Shell holes - + dead everywhere. 2 Out of range grms - pull up M sector dead Germans in large numbers. Most in entrance of duguts. See lots of [illegible] also M. O. P. can see fire on all parts of enemy. Lt. Bowers killed in 3 Btn. ops. Shells on us every day. Balloons shot down - 1 airplane in flames - German 1 several sent to ground by guns. Ok towns of Machault, St. Etienne and Dircourt. 1st in flames the 10th Ammunition dumps. Infantry & Marines relieved yesterday & day before. Almost 50% [causiltes?] Moved up 5 kilometers. 12 Germans retreated to Aisne River - no trace of them after Machenoult.

[on side of page in margin - landscape orientation] Shell killed 3 of horses off H.Q. Detail Mont Blanc.