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ck [illegible] 916 differ ch 445 genral coll for B 214

[illegible] [illegible] 5802 [illegible] [man?] 2137 [illegible] [illegible] 872 [illegible] [illegible] 2408 [illegible] 11219 collection this offer 553 445 219 916 $133.52 [illegible] [illegible] 124.34 Martha [Kidd?] 25 Thomas Lee 50 [A?] Baton 50

Ona Johnson 50 [James?] Washington 50

paid Rev AG Bundy 900 Jas Willis 100 B Minor 100 give Sister [Letho?] 92 put in treasure 657

March 4 Saurtday [Saturday] 1903 Genral ch meating [General church meeting] was call to oder at 12 oclock by Rev A G Bundy Sang Hymn 456 Amazen Grace How sweet Red 2 Chp Petter [peter] Prayer by Rev Ch Uricks after whitch sang hymn Grace is a charming sound after whitch the modrater [moderator] stated the meating was open for buisness after whitch Bro R H Cauthron move that Bro Moses Hentz should have aceeding voice after whitch on mo by Bro R H Cauthron that the minuts of last meating be red on mo Jack Holmes that the minuts of last meating be received the wer [they were] received with nessary [necessary] correction after whitch Sister Pricillar Mintus came forth and exnolidge [acknowledge] she had dun [done] roung [wrong] on mo by Bro RH Caulthron that Sister Pricilla Mintus should be restored back to her membership agin [again] on mob y Bro William Harris that the case of Bro Ellick Johnson be continued on mo by Bro Jack Holms that we will here [hear] from the