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March 4 [Saustday?] 1903 Genral ch meating [General church meeting] was call to oder at 12 oclock by Rev A G Bundy Sang Hymn 455 Amazen Grace How great Red 1 Chp Petter [peter] Prayer by Rev C T {?les] after whitch sang humn grace is a charming sound after whitch the modrater [moderator] stated the meating was open for Buisness after whitch Bro R H Cauthron moe that Bro Moses Hentz Should have aceeding voice after whitch on mo [motion] by Bro R H Cauthron that the Minuts of last meeting be Red on mo Jack Holmes that the minuts of last meating be Received the was Received with nesseary corection after whitch Sister Precillae Mintus cam forth and Exnolidge [acknowledged] she had don Rong [done wrong] on mo by Bro R H Cauthron that Sister Precilla Mintus should be Restored back to her membership agin on mo by Bro William Harris that the case of Bro Allick Johson be continue on mo by Bro Jack Holmes the we will here from the