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time on mo [motion] by Bro George Gresham that all will here the Report of the standing Committee the Report was fabels

on mo [motion?] by Bro A Lindsay to Receiver of Report of the standing committee the [illegible] on mo by R. Hickmond to take Sup & New Business. Bro M. Haseis ask a question on haven a Blank Sunday on communion days what will we do about it--it was discussed it was under stud [study?] that when on communion day is Bad it Runing untill mounth

on motion by Bro george gresham to ad govern Benidiction by L. R. Johnst L Cannate.

May 4 Saturday 1903 general ch was call to a deed at 1 oclock by Rev A. G Bundy. Sang Hymn 98 grace is a charming land Red 10. Asst Roam Prayer by Bro H Jones after [illegible] Sang Hymn Salvation of a Joyful Soul after whitch the moderator stated meating was open for Business.

on mo by Bro [illegible] that the minutes of last meating be red on mo by Bro John Segar that the minutes of Last meating be Received with nessesary correction the [illegible]were Received on mo by Bro John Segar to take [illegible] finish business on mo by Bro Robert L. that Bro Ellie Johnson case be continued after whitch Bro Jones ask to explane to the counsel whether he had talk with Bro Wheely he stated no. on mo by Bro John Segar that the case of Bro Jones be continued on mo by mo by Bro B [illegible] that case of Building commitee be continued on mo by Bro John Segar that the case of Bro Rev Beocon be continued on mo by H. Johns that the case of Bro Ruben Bobson be continued on mo by Bro John Segar to hear the Report of standing committee non Present on mo of Bro H. Jons that the [illegible] bill take up new Business nun on mo by Bro H Jones & [illegible]. San Hymn Amazing Grace how Sweet the Song. benediction by Rev. [illegible} Bundy