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sister in suporting the convention on mo by Bro Wm Harris that we will take sugestion of Bro Lewis' under concideration Bro Willis Green came in [lating?] on st comittee give in his report on mo by Bro John Segar that we will receive the report of Bro Green on mo by Bro RH Cauthron to adgern sang hymn How sweet the name of Jesus sound Benidiction by Rev AG Bundy July 4 Saurtday 1903 Genral ch meating was call to oder at 12 oclock by Rev AG Bundy sang hymn 392 Oh that I would find my god after whitch red 4 chpt [He?] after whitch pray by Bro H Jones after whitch sang hymn Awake and sing the sound of [Jesus?] after whitch the modrator stated the meating was open for business after whitch on mo by Bro RH Cauthron that the minuts of the last meating b red [be red] on mo by Bro John Segar that the minuts of last meating

be receivd the wer [they were] received on mo by Bro H Jones that we will take up unfinish business after whitch Sister Ware ask for her letter on mo by Bro R Hickmound that we will here from Sister Ware on substiut mo by Bro RH Cauthron that [sister?] asking for her letter should be continued til next concil on mo by Bro A Lindsay that we will take the ltter coming from Bro Willie Rone under concidration on mo by Bro William [Hook?] that Bro Willie Rone letter be continued untill he is heard from to what denomanation he was going to joine after whitch Sister Judy Marshall rose and stated that wanted her letter on mo by Bro Rev Ch Ubick that we will take up the quistion of Sister Marshall on mo by M Harris that Sister Judy Marshall should have her letter after setting herself right with [clkr?] after whitch Sister Jones rose asking for her letter on mo by Bro John Segar that Sister LR Jones should [have] her letter after setting