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self wright [right] with the clerk on mo by Bro RH Cauthron that the charge agans [against] Bro Ellic Johnson be releave on mo by M Harris that the ch will here [hear] from Bro A Jones the matter [between?] Bro A Jones and Bro Wheeler was settle with sadisfacty [satisfactory]

on mo by Bro William Harris that the case of Bro Ruben [Roson?] be continued on mo by Bro John Segar that the matter of building commte be contin[ued] on mo by M Harris that we will here from standing committe on mo by RH Caulthron that we will receive the report of the standing commite be receivd the wer [they were] rece [received] on mo by A Lindsay to take up new bisness on mo by Bro A Lindsay to jern [adjourn] Benidiction by LR Johnson Licant

Sister Judy Marshall 50

Agust 4 Saurtday 1903 Genral ch meating was call to oder at 12 oclock by Rev AG Bundy sang hymn Did [illegible] ch sinner weep red 12 secound corrintian pray by Dacond Wheeler after whitch sang hymn Awake and sing the sound of Moses after whitch the modrator stated meating on mo by Bro A Lindsay that the minut of the last meating be recd on mo by H Jones that the minuts of last meating be receivd the wer [they were] received and [a]dopted after whitch Sister Mary L Bayton rose and made a statement about the [congestion?] on mo by Bro Ja Wheeler that the delligates and visitors be fed as [illegible] on mo by Bro Jas Wheeler that we will take up unfinish business on mo by Bro A Lindsay that Sister [Josse Lanes?] message should be receivd Bro Ruben Robson rose and stated his niglating [neglecting] to atend [attend] the ch on mo