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by Bro John Segar that Bro Roubin [Robson?] be reliavd [relieved] of the charge on mo by Bro Jack Holmes that the matter of building committee be continued on mo by Bro A call to here [hear] from the standing committee on mo by Bro William Dawson that the Report of the standing committee be resecd this was recivid on mo by Bro William that we will take up new Buisness on mo by Bro William Dawson that we will Dedicate the new Building on the secound Sunday in November on mo by Bro J Wheeler that the 98 ch comming from the shol should go for [illegible] [illegible] on mo by A Lindsay to adgern [adjurn] benediction by Rev A G Bundy

Sept 4 Saturday 19 general ch meating was call to order by Rev A G Bundy at 1 oclock Sang Hymn O for a Close walk with god after which red [Read] [of?] chpt of the second [corinthians?] after which Prayer by Dacound [deacon] Harris after which sang Hymn come we that love the lord after which the moderator rose and stated the meeting was open for business on mo by Bro Jas Wheeler that the meating of the last meating are red on mo by Bro A call that the minutes of the last meeting be recvd the wer [they were] ricivd [received] and adopted on mo by W Harris that we will take up unfinished Bisness on mo by Bro W Harris that Bro Gresham should get any [illegible] [illegible] that is suitable for the ch on mo by H Jones that the ch will be left to [the?] [sisters?] to make choice of Painting the were sealing of the ch [illegible] blue on mo by Bro R H Cauthron that the letter coming from Ebneza Bapt. ch be recvd on mo by Bro James where that the ch will anser [answer] the letter comeing from Ebneza states