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Everybody over here thinks the war wont last thirty days longer I don't see how it can for We have got them going on all sides - I certainly will be glad when its over, for I sure am getting anxious to come home - I will write you again in a few days - Give my love to Father and all the rest - With love Your son Tom 321 Field Hosp - 306 Sanitary Train A.E.F. 2 Trouble is, have been expecting some every day and do hope it will come Tomorrow - The last letter I had from you was written Oct 4th I have written you and Father both several times lately, - Sometimes I mail my letters at the Y.M.C.A. and then again I send them through the Company - I took a very interesting trip today - Went to Verdun and it was certainly worth while to see it - The Town is absolutely destroyed - I am getting on alright and feeling fine -