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7 the hands of the deacon on mo by Bro M Harris that the recomendation of election Bro George W Young as trustee be dopted [adopted] on mo be Bro Jack Holms that we will here [hear] from the standing committee on mo by Rev. M. Harris that the report of the standing committee be receivd on mo by Rev. R.H. Cauthron that we will here [hear] from Bro. B. Minor of the matter [being?] in law so he came forth and explain him self to the ch on mo by Bro. William Harris that the ch will release Bro Minor of the charge that she held agane [against] him on mo by Bro. R. H. Cauthron that the ch will except Bro. Minor [resignation?] it was expected on mo by Bro Charlie Ware that the dacound will see after the clearing of the ch untill [resolution?] day on mo by Bro. Jack Holms that we will take up new business on mo by Bro H Jones that we will received

the report coming from Bro. Charlie Ware of Bro Henry Lewise beaing tryed [tried] in law for stealing on my by Bro R H Cauthron that the case of Bro H. Lewis be continued and be notefide by Bro Charlei Ware to pear [appear] before the next ch meating [meeting] on mo by Bro William Harris that the clerk will notified Bro A Washington before the ch to be heard from on mo by Bro R H Cauthron to adjurn sang hymn Soulders [soldiers] of christ a rise benediction by Rev A G Bundy

Oct 4 Saturday 1905 General ch meating [meeting] was call to order at 1 o'clock by Rev A G Bundy sang hymn 27 [illegible] a [illegible] [illegible] after whitch red [read] 5 chpt of Roan after whitch prayer Bro Charlie Ware after whitch sang hymn My soal [soul] be on the Lord after whitch the modrator rose and stated that the meating was opnen for business on mo by Bro R H Cauthron