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on the Monday after the secound sunday in June on mo by Bro H Jones that we will have a committee to see after [selling?] Bro Jas Willis Bro William Dawson Robert Hill on mo by RH Cauthron that the breathren will be the brother to [arrange?] the committee after whitch Bro RH Cauthron a committee from the sabth schoole asking that the ch will give them and after colliction on the 4 sunday after ch collection on mo by Bro John Segar that we will give the sabth and after collection after whitch Bro Jas Willis ask the that the [illegible] will give fountains [illegible] using the ch on mo by Bro Jas Wheeler that the Dunnsville Fountain may have the priblidg [privilege] of having thare annivirsy [anniversary] on the 5 sunday in July 190[6?] on mo by Bro RH Cauthron that the sister will have the a collection on the secound sunday in July 1906 on mo [crossed out line] on mo by Bro Thomas Pollard that the building committee will have the ch painted out side on mo by Bro William Dawson that the quistion of haven [having] [aperractive?] meating be reconciderd and discused on mo by Bro Eddy Yates that we will not have [apatractive?] meating this summer on mo by Bro RH Cauthron to adgern sang hylmn Oh for a closer walk with God Benediction by Bro LR Johnson

June 4 Sunday 1906 Genral ch meating was call to oder at 1 oclock by Rev AG Bundy sang hylmn 158 Awake and sing the song of Moses and the lamb red the 8 chpt of Roan pray by Bro Lewise Crocton after whitch sang hylmn ch for a thousand toung [tongues] to sing after whitch the modrator and spoke some remarks on the apson [absence?] of the Dacound after whitch pernounc [pronounce] the meating is opnen on mo by Bro Jack Holms that we will here the reading of the last meating on mo by Bro Jas Wheeler