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rasise [ra the question about Bro, A Washington asking for his [Sicar?] on ma by Bro. [Dhihian?] Dauson that the [abek?] will nottifier [bro?] of Washing. that he will [coss?] and at his [connecanion?] time but try to meet any meating day at the of can here you talk and then [dicrd?] whether the will [geant?] him [Licar?] On [illegible] by Bro William Dauson that we will take up and after [calleshi?] on 4 Sunday for the Pastor. [illegible] on [illegible] by Bro Jas. Wheels that the Pastor [dracation?] start common [beam?] the account Sunday in Agust ending the [illegible] around Sunday in [illegible] time [illegible] by [illegible] as [illegible] Bro [Freank?] Hill Rose and ask [she?] of [illegible] the have any of [illegible] of the having a Prayer. Meating at "Plane [View?] school [illegible] on [illegible] by Bro Jas Wheeler that Bro Hill shall have his [Peay?] meating at Plain [View?] school house on Sunday [Earring?] not by conflict wiht the ch on Mr [illegible] [illegible] Long [Hylan?] not all the Blood of last Benidiction by Bele L R Johnson.

Sept 4 Daturday 1906 March Mating was call [illegible] at 617 Moans for the [illegible] and sang. [illegible] [schlp?] of boardf preay as by Bro R H [Cauth?] on after which sang Hymn Oh Where, Shall rest be found. after [illegible] the Moderator Rose and stated that the meating was open for business [illegible] by Bro Jas Wheeler. that the minutes of the last meating be red the was red on [gin?] by Bro R H [Cauthror?] that the minutes last rid be [illegible] the [illegible] received [illegible] by Bro Jack Holmes [illegible] we will here [feons?] the [landing?] committee the report was Bro [Green?] [illegible] [illegible] that [illegible] Hunter Bank was verry unwell and ask the [illegible] who by Bro Jas Wheeler that the report of the ...