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rasise [raising] the question about Bro, A Washington asking for his [Sican?] on mo by Bro. William Dawson that the [clerk?] will nottified [notify] Bro Washing that he will come at his conveanion [convenient] time but try to meet on meating day so the ch can here [hear] you talk and then dicid [decide] whether the[y] will grant him [Lican?] on mo by Bro William Dawson that we will take up and after collection on 4 Sunday for the Pastor vacation on mo by Bro Jas. Wheeler that the pastor vacation start commen[cing?] from the secound Sunday in Agust ending the secound sunday in September on mo by Bro [illegible] [illegible] [illegible] Bro Frank Hill rose and ask the ch would the[y] have any objection of the haveing a prayer meating at Plane Visit School House on mo by Bro Jas Wheeler that Bro Hill shall have his prayer meating at Plain Visit School House on sunday eavning [evening] not to conflict with the ch on mo by P Corbin to adgern sang hylmn And all the blood of [beast?] Benediction by Bro LR Johnson

Sept 4 Satuarday 1906 Genral ch mating [meeting] was call to odr [order] at 617 [moans?] for the thousand sang Red 8 chp of Roan prayer by Bro RH Cauthron after whitch sang hymn Oh whare [where] shall rest be found after whitch the modrator rose and stated that the meating was opnen for business on mo by Bro Jas Wheeler that the minuts of the last meating be red [read] the[y] was red on mo by Bro RH Cauthron that the minuts just red be received the wer [they were] received on mo by Bro Jack Holms that we will here from the standing committee the report was Bro Green report that Sister Hunter Banks was verry unwell and ask the [illegible] on mo by Bro Jas Wheeler that the report of the