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9 obk J Holmes 10 discovered on mo by Bro William Dawson that we were pay parts ch 11 adopt Dawson to 1907

    12 adopt J Holmes 1907
    13 adopt J Wheeler 1907

on mo by Bro George Gresham that Bro Lewis [illegible] to choose assistance usher

Bro Jas Wheeler Rose and stated about members going in to the [pulpit?] while Pastor Preaching

on mo by Bro William Dawson that we will pay the Pastor for 1907 1080 on mo by Bro George Gresham to adgern [adjourn] sang Hymn I am not asshame to [illegible] my God Benediction by Bro L R Johnson

Dec 2 Satuardy 1906 a resolution meating was call to oder by Rev A G Bungy sang 196 come Holy Spirit [illegible] dov Red 11 chapter of Hebrew after which pray by Bro Jas Wheeler after which sang Hymn Beholde what wonderous grace the Father has bestowed after which the modrator rose and stated that the meating was open on mo by Bro Jas Wheeler that the [clerk?] will read the resolution minutes

on mo by Bro John Segar that we will receive the [resolved?] minutes the wer [they were] receivd on mo by Bro J W Lewis that the resolution be adopt by section dopt Dawson dopt Grisham dopt Segar dopt dopt Wheeler dopt Gresham dopt Dawson dopt Holmes dopt Dawson

19 [illegible]