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Cecilly France Dec 13th 1918

My dear Father:- Had a letter from Mama yesterday said that you had gone to Ohio and bought some pigs for the farm, I know they are fine ones, and when John gets home I know the first thing he will do is to go out and see them-and I expect he will be there now in a dew days for the Christmas holidays- Know that boy will be glad to get home only wish I could be there myself-

We have been in this place since the third, started our marching on November 22nd and reached here then-and I was certainly when we got here for we walked one hundred thirty on miles- but I stood it fine, lots better than I thought I would-

This is not much of a place, and we haven't very good quarters either, I will be glad when they move us some where else - But i believe that we'll stay here until we go to some sea port to sail for the states - and I am hoping that will be some time next month But of course dont any of us know.