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Dec 2 Saurtday 1903 resalution was call to oder at 1 oclock by Rev AG Bundy sang 273 Father I stretch my hand to the[e] red 6 chp 2 corrainthan after whitch prayer by Bro John Segar after whitch sang hymn I was a warran? [wandering] sheep after whitch the modrator rose and spoke some very incurrigan [encouraging] words and statedd meating was open on mo by Bro William Dawson that the resolution of 1903 be red [read] the wer [they were] red on mo by Bro John Segar that the resolution be concidred [considered] on mo by Bro RH Cauthron that the resolution be taken up and discussed and adopted by section sect 1 [illegible] r serviss come at half past elleven oclocl sect 2 adopt sect 3 dopt sect 4 dopt sect 5 dopt sect 6 dopt sect 7 dopt sect 8 dopt sect 9 dopt sect 10 dopt on mo by RH Cauthron [illegible] discussed pastor $1.00 65 for dopt pay the sect [dopt discussed] for 1904 $25 on mo by Bro H Jones