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Dec 2 Saurtday 1902 A Resalution Meating was called to oder by Dacound M Harris sang hymn 376 acould I find from day to day Red to chpt act postal Prayer by Dacound & Holmes After which sang hymn [illegible] of the cross after which the Resolution was Red of 1902 on Mo by Dacound Holmes that the Resalution of 1902 Mo by Dacound Holmes that the Reolution of 1902 should be Dopted as hole for 1903 Resolution on Mo by Bro Jn Harris that the Hill make such amendments as Hill be Halesome Sect 1 on Mo by Bro James Wheeler that the Pastor Hill commence Preaching at 11 oclock close at half Past too Sect 2 on Mo by Bro William Harris that the Hill not have any move in the [illegible] in our ch. Sect 3 on Mo by Bro H Jones that Hill have our Ralleys as usual Sect 4 on Mo by Bro Jn. Leslise that the Hill have