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Dec 2 Saurtday 1902 A resalution meating was called to oder by Dacound M Harris sang hymn 376 O could I find from day to day Red to chpt act postal Prayer by Dacound J Holmes After whitch sang hymn I am a soulder [soldier] of the cross after which the resolution was red of 1902 on mo by Dacound Holmes that the resalution of 1902 should be dopted as hole for 1903 resolution on mo by Bro M Harris that the we will make such amendments as will be holesome [wholesome] Sect 1 on mo by Bro James Wheeler that the Pastor will commence preaching at 11 oclock close at half past too [two] Sect 2 on mo by Bro William Harris that we will not have any more intertainments [entertainments] in our ch. Sect 3 on mo by Bro H Jones that we will have our ralleys as usual Sect 4 on mo by Bro JW Lewise that we will have one annual rallys yearly on the secound Sunday Oct Sect 5 on Mo by Bro R H Cauthron that Wm Hill have and edcation on the second [illegible] [illegible] on Mo by Bro Jn [Lesise?] [illegible] Hill have and old.

Halks Anealing on the fifths Sunday in Adm fall Sect 7 on Mo by Bro H Jones that any person carring any thing out of this ch on the high days that is offencive to the ch hall be dell with if itis to exclude in ex her the said member Sect 8 on Mo by Bro James whether [illegible] the Pastor be seen after as asial Sect 9 on Mo by Bro M Harris that the table furnish as usual Sect 10 on Mo by Bro M Harris that the Pastor Hill serve the Single Bapt Ch as Pastor for 1903 Sect 11 on Mo by Bro R [illegble] that Wm Hill pay the pastor for 1903 the amount of $100.60 Sect 12 on Mo by Bro William Carlson that Wm Hill pay the Clerk for 1903 the amount of $25.00 Sect 13 on Mo by Bro [illegible] Wm Hill Bay the section for 1903 amount of @22.00 [illegible] Mo by A Lindsay to adgern sang hymn Jesus love thy harming Name Benididior by Bro Robrt Johnson Linanuate