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Dacound John [Sugar?] M. Harris Bro R Hill on mo by Dacound R. H Cauthron that the [B shall be the committee to wait on Bro Jas Williams after Which Bro George Hill came before the church all that was connected with another church. Georg Hill paid 150 [cts?] 50 on 1912 on mo by William Dawson that we will take up [mw?] business question was raise about the [illegible] on mo by Dacound Jas Wheeler that the stepper shall be covered with slate Bro Phillip Green ask for and after [caltichon?] on tomorrow Bro William Dawson report the the boad had met & elect Bro Robert [cartts?] for [trustee?] on mo by Dacound John [Sugar?] that Bro Robert [cash?] shall be a trustee for the Angle Visit Baptist Church

The council report of the committee that waited on Rev Wm Yats he stated that he will except the call

Bro Dacound Jack Halmes Bro Robert Hill Bro William Dawson shall be the [illegible] for the church of the election of pastor on mo by Bro William Dawson to [illegible] sang hymn some we that love the Lord & let your joys be known Benediction by Bro L R Johnson

Oct 4 Satuardy 1912 General Church Meating was call to order at 1 oclock by Rev Yats sang 298 Father I stretch my hand to thee Red apart of 18 chapter of Matthew. Pray by Bro Edy Yats after which sang hymn 324 saviour more than life to thee after which the moderator rose & stated the meating was open for business after reading a script [already?] minutes was red on mo by Dacond Jas Wheeler that the minutes be recorded the were record special reported on the case of Bro Jas Williams & sister Mandy Wheeler on mo by Bro William Dawson that we will record the report of the special committee report of standing committe on mo by Dacond Jas Wheeler that the report of standing committee the was recorded on mo by Dacound R. Hill that will take up our business after which a paper was report from the old folks home of New Port News it was discuss & a lecture will be given by a [ladie?] on Friday night Nov 1 1918 on mo by Bro William Dawson that sister [illegible] Harris name carts Allie Yats shall be the [committe?]