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[pg.] 36 on mo by Bro R H Caulthorn that a committee shall appoint to exzaming [examining] the missionary [box?] R.H. Cauthorn R. Hill Eddie Yats [crossed out] William Dawson committee on mo by Bro William that we will vote on [illegible] [illegible] Bro William Dawson bought tow [two] trees from the ch ground at 100 per fee paid 200 on mo by Bro RH Cauthorn Jr that the ch will have tow [two] taylets bill on mo by Bro William Harris that the will use the lumbr from under the [crossed out finished] on mo by JS Willie that the ch will be [illegible] & turn in the hands of the section on mo by RH Cauthorn Jr that the flows should be stain immeadly [immediately] after scowing on mo by Dacound Jas Wheeler that Bro Joseph Holms shall have his lician on mo by [Ariha?] Danridge that Bro RH Cauthorn & Dacound Jas Wheeler shall meet the Dacound board this eavening to settle a matter between the tow [two] sang [illegible] [illegible] on mo by Bro LH Tunstall that the missionary box [sharly?] upon [illegible] Benidiction by pastor

[pg.] 37 June 4 Satauardy 1913 Genrall ch meating was call to order at 1 oclock by Rev Yates sang hylm 490 I am not ashame to can m Lord red apart of 18 chpt St Matthew pray by Bro Robert Johnson sang hylmn Jesus keep me near thy cross after whitch the pastor rose & red apart of the disipling and nonce [announce] the meating was opnen for business on mo by Dacound John Segar that the minut of last meating be red the wer [they were] red [read] on mo by Dacond Jack Holms to receivd the minuts the wer [they were] received with nessary correction no correction minutes adopted af whitch the committee on exzaming [examining] the missionary box reported on mo by Dacound Jas Wheeler that we will receivd the report comming from the missionary box having in the box 1120.00 on mo by Bro Dacound H Hill that we will tak up new business Bro Eddy Yates committee rose & explain the case of Bro Rubin Robinson not attending the ch Bro Robinson rose & explained why he had ben abson [absent] on mo by Dacound Jas Wheeler that Bro Robinson be forgiven for not attending the ch on mo by Bro JW Lewis that the ch will apoint another committee with Bro Eddy Yates to wait on these same members to offer before next concil