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[pg.] 64 and stated about Sister Hanner E Oakly sick child she ask for a collection matter discused turned in the hands of the Deacounds on mo by Deacond John Seager to take up new business on mo by R.H.C. Jr. that the building committee will attend to having the lumber cut for enlarging the [anty?] rooms on mo by Bro George Hill that the ch will will hire too [two] men to clean up the ch yard & cut up the saps & cord up the wood & burn up the brush on mo by Deacond John Seager that perents [parents] of children will bring out lunch for themselves & thare [their] friends to be at the children exercise in afternoon on mo by Deacond R.H.C. Sr. to adgern Bro Dawson report that the land has ben cut off sang hylm 463 Blest be the tie that bind Benidiction by the pastor

May 4 Satuarday 1915 Genral ch meating was call to ord at one oclock by pastor sang hylm 293 Father I stretch my hands to the[e] red apart of the 2 chapt of Book of Titus pray by Bro F Hill sang hylm I will gide [guide] the[e] after whitch the pastor rose & stated that the meating was open for business on mo by Deacond Jas Wheeler to receivd the report

[pg.] 65 minut with nessery correction no correction report of standing committee report was tabled on mo by Deacond Jack Holms to receivd the report of standing committee the wer [they were] receivd on mo by Bro WP Dawson that will take up new business matter about delligate tabled was discussed desicd [decided] to have one table give [tickets?] the building committee will put a new tap on the [well?] on mo by Bro William Dawson that we will meet out here next Satuarday to fix up delligates table genral fixing up letter comeing from Bro JD Washington asking for a privilidg [privilege] of taking [pitc?] on the ch ground Bro P Green are going to furnish [food?] on the ground to sell A letter was red coming from Mrs Dean Hundly asking for the inshorance [insurance] money for inshoring [insuring] dues the amount 818.00 on mo by Deacond John Segar to adgern sang hylm 490 I am no asshame to oan my Lord or to defend his cause Benidiction by pastor