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[pg.] 80 on mo by Bro William Dawson that Bro Sqire Hill shall be a building committee to assist Bro JW Lewise after whitch Bro Henry Bowler rose & stated about bean [being] in law about selling whisky & said he had never [sold?] any on mo by Bro JW Lewise that the aplidg [apology] of Bro Henry Bowler be excepted on mo by Bro William Dawson to adgern

committee on [plece?] up right vicinity Bro W Pd belong to Bapt Ch Deacond Jack Holms RHC Jr Jas Loungs [Body?] Bayton Wash. Holmes JW Lewise

sang hylm In all my Lord appointed ways my jerny [journey] I'll per sue Benediction by pastor

May 4 Sat genral ch meating was call to order by the pastor sang hylm Take time to be holy read apart of the 5 chp Galation prayer by Bro William Dawson sang hylm Am I a soulder of the cross after whitch the modrator rose & stated that the meating was opnen for business reading of the minuts of the last meating reading of st table [illegible]

[pg.] 81 on mo by Deacond Jas Wheeler that the minuts be received & adopted on mo by Deacound Jas Wheeler that the letter coming from Bro [illegible] Byrd & [united?] with Angle Visite be receivd Report of standing committee the report was tabled only rite much sickness on mo by Bro William Dawson that we will receivd the report of the standing committee the wer [they were] receivd the case of Bro Bowler & Bro F Hill was discussed pro & con turned in hands of committee Bro Pollard Deacond Jack Holms Deacond Jas Wheeler Deacond Joe Loung Sqire Hill letter comeing from Bro F Davis asking the ch to [ask?] pardon him as he could be [illegible] on mo by B.L.R. Johnson that we will here from Bro Robinson & Bro [Arty?] B [Mintes?] Bro John Roy on mo Dawson that on mo by Bro Arty B [Mintes?] & Bro John Roy & apolidge [apology] be except of on mo by Bro LR Johnson that [the?] Bro F Dave be excuse on mo by Deacound [Hal?] Loungs that the apolidg [apology] of Bro Logan Robison be except committee report of the matter of the land in upright