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[pg.] 86

on mo by Deacon Joe [Loving?] that Bro Joe Lee be forgiven for his disobation & be restored back to his membership on mo by Deacound Yats that the mo made to cover the shade ovr [over] the table be taking under consideration & discused mo prevale on mo by Bro Joe Lewise that we will except the profsesion offered by the [differ?] brethren as [using?] thare sale for cover over the arber Deacond Report of their Deacond meating the Deacond received this we will fix the ch yard on the Saturday in July 1916 the Decound reccomend that we would go over the [sine?] of our ch proptay [property?] & move this [wise?] on our grounds. On mo by Decound Joe [Loving?] that we will meet on the third saturday in agust & fix up the church yard on mo by Deacound Yeat [Yates] that the brethren will meet here next friday & fix the arbr [arbor] & table Report of standing committ Report was tabrel [tabled?] on mo by Deacound Joe [Loving?] stated the report of Bro [Ellude?] Harris his dissadisfaction [dissatisfaction] between him & the pastor about speaking to him about ordering whisky on mo by deacound Jas Wheel that Bro [Ellud]? Harris shall appear before this next concil to explain the charge

[pg.] 87 he have agance [against] the pastor on mo by Deacound R H Cauthorn that Bro F Hill be release from the charge & matter between him + Bro Bowler Report of the committ that went out with Bro Green & Bro Joe Lewis the report that the matter was settle sadisfactry of Bro Lewis comply as he said on mo by Bro William Dawson that the sisters of the missionary socity [society] shall have the ch ground the first saturday in Agust to share thare [their] inlaiment [entertainment?] on mo by Bro William Dawson to adgern on mo by Bro Joe Lewis that Deacound Yeats, Deacond Jas Wheels shall be delegats to set in ordanatian [ordination] on the 5 Sunday in July 1916 Sang 532 In all my lords appointed ways Benediction by the pastor