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[pg.] 88 Sept 4 Saurtody [Saturday] 1916 Genral ch meating was call to order at 2 oclock by the Pastor sang Hymn 378 oh for a [heart?] from sin set free. Red a part of the 2 chapter of [epistle?] of James Prayr by Bro [Kempt]-Byrd sang Hymn there is Rest for the weary after whitch the Pastor rose & spoke some incurrigian [encouraging] remarks & stated that the meating was opened for business Reading of the minutes of the last meating on mo by on mo by Deacon [illegible] [illegible] that the minutes be received the wer receivd on mo by Bro W Dawson that the question about fixing the ch yard be tabled until next concil [council] on mo by Deacond Yats the quiston of Bro Ellud Harris be continued untill next concil. on mo by Deacond Yeats that Bro Thomas [illegible] shall have a [standing?] [illegible] voice Report of standing committee Deacon Yats report the [illegible] of Bro R.H. Cauthorn Jr disordrly conduct on the ch ground during the [revival?] meating on mo by Bro William Dawson that Bro RH Cauthorn Jr & Bro [illegible] [illegible] & Sister [Lane?] shall appear before nxt concil on mo by Bro William

[pg.] 89 Dawson that Deacon Yeats shall notify the said parties to appear before the ch on mo after whitch the [matt?] was discussed on mo by Bro [illegible] that Bro RH Cauthorn Jr voice shall be [silance] until he give the ch sadisfact [satisfaction] on mo by Deacon Jas. Wheels that [we?] will take up new buisness on mo by Deacon James Holms that we will set out some trees for ch shade on mo by Deacon Yats that we will have a Home Rally on the second sunday in November on mo by Deacon Jack Holms to adgern sang Hymn Oh for a thousand tongues to sing Benediction by the Pastor

Oct 4 Saturday 1916 general ch meeting was call to ord at [illegible] one by the Pastor sang Hymn 345 My god the spring of all my joys Red apart 4 chpt Paul [illegible] [illegible] Prayer by Brother L.R. Johnson sang Hymn In that christian home in glory after which the Pastor Red apart of the [disciples?] & arnance [announce] that the meeting was opnen for business Reading of the minutes of the last meeting on mo by Deacon John Seager that the minutes be recevd