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[pg.] 90 the received & adopted on mo Bro Willard Dawson that the matter of Bro Ellud be continued until next concil on mo by Deacond Yeats that we will here [hear] from Bro Benny Lee he exnolladg [acknowledge] that he dun roung [wrong] he asks our ch Pastor on mo by Deacond R H Cauthorn that Bro Benny Lee shall be restored back to his membership again on mo by Deacond Joe Loungs that we will put the ch yarde out on contract & Bro Sqire Hill shall be the builder. On mo by Deacond R. H. C. Sr. that fixing of ch yard be continued until the spring on mo by Deacond Jas Wheeler that we will here [hear] from Bro R. H. C. Jr. He rose & exnoledg [acknowledge] that he did round [wrong] & ask the ch pardon on mo by Bro T Pollard that the ch will except [accept] Bro Caulthorn pardon on mo by by Deacond Jack Holmes that we will here [hear] from Sister [Laine?] she said that she & Bro Caulthorn had made all sadisfactory by each other on mo by Bro J Lewise that the statement of Bro & Sister [Laine?] be excepted [accepted] report of standing committee committee reported that Sister Gruter Johnson & Edner Johnson shall appear before the concil on mo by Deacond Jack Holmes that we will

[pg.] 93

receivd the report of the standing commenter the wer [they were] receivd reading of a letter by the pastor coming from Bro Charles Walker asking for a collection on mo by Deacond Seger that the ch will give Bro Walker a collection on motion by Bro Philip Green to adger [adjourn] sang hylm Let every [motive?] ever attend. Benediction by the pastor.

Nov 4 Sat 1916 Genral ch meating was call to order by Pastor sang hymn 164 Oh for a thousand loving to sing. Read a part of the 13 chapter of Paul Letter to Corinthians. Prayer by Bro Frank Hill. Sang hylm There is Rest for the warry [weary]. After whitch the pastor red a part of the disciples & annonce [announce] that the meating was opnen for business. Reading of the minutes of last ch meating on mo by Deacond Jack Holmes that we will receivd the minutes with nessary corrictions no corrictions minuts receivd & adopted on mo by Deacond Jack Holms that Deacond Loung & Bro T Pollard to notify Bro Ellude Harris that ch says he must apear before the ch next concil