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[pg.] 94 if not the ch will take [faths?] [illegible] on mo by Deacond Jas Wheels that Sister Edner Johnson shall be exclude from her membership on mo by Deacond Yeats that the hand of fellowship be [illegible] from Sister [Justy?] Johnson Report of standing committee the wer [they were] tabeal [tabled] on mo by Deacond Joe Loung that the report of standing committee be received report of the deacon meating on mo by Bro William Dawson that we will receiv the report of the Deacond meating on mo by Bro J [illegible] that the ch will pearchis [purchase] the stoves that was discsed [discussed] by the Board on mo by Deacond RH Cauth[orn] that we will make emprovemt [improvement] on the flues at the ch on mo by Bro William Dawson that the timber for the anty rooms be use at once that has ben cut Bro F Hill rose asking something about permission to have the privlidge of going in the pulpt [pulpit?] on mo by Deacond RH Caultho[nn] that the case of Bro Hill be continued

[pg.] 95 untill next concil on mo by Deacond RH Cauthorn that Rev Yats shall buy the [stoves?] be left in the hands of Rev Yates adjern by singing Dark Solidegr [soldier] Benedictin by the pastor

Dec 4 Satuarday 1916 Genral ch mating was call to ordr at 3 oclock by the pastor sang 170 How sweet the name of Jesus sound Red apart of 5 chpt of Paul letters to Galatian. prayer by Bro Jas Williams. sang hylm Saviors more than reading of the minuts of last meating on mo by Deacond Segar that the minuts be receivd the war [they were] receivd & adopted unfinish business on mo by Deacond RH Cauthorn that the Bro F Hill case be continued untill next council committee report on the matter of Bro Ellud Harris rose & express him self in regard of the matter after [illegible] discuss sadisfactry betwen him & pastor than he ask that the will relieve him