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[pg.] 100 Jas. Wheeler that Bro Kemp [illegible] shall be a st committee on mo by Bro William Dawson that the letter coming from Sister Bayton be red the letter was red on mo by Bro J.W. Lewis that the letter coming from Sister Bayton be takeing up & discused [Sister?] Bayton rose & explaned her self she ask pardon the deacound except her pardon the Deacund recomend that the case of Bro Hill be reconcider next concil on mo Deacond meating the Deacond recemdment [recommend] that the disturbance arrose betwen Bro R.H.C. & Sister Cauthorn Deacond R.H.C. rose & explain him self ask & apolidgse [apologize] after whitch Sister Cauthorn rose & exstaded [explained?] her self after whitch she ask pardon on mo by Deacond Jas Wheeler that the appolidige [apology] comeing from Sister & Bro RHC be except [accepted] of the wer [they were] except on mo by Deacond Jack Holms to adgern prayer by the pastor

[pg.] 101 April 4 Satuardy 1917 Genral ch meating was call to order by the pastor sang hylm 52 Lord in the morning thou shall here red apart of the 18 chpt St. Matthew pray by Rev A.B. Lee sang hylm God moves in a mistiarious [mysterious] ways after whitch the pastor rose & stated that the meating was opnen for buisness Reading of the minuts of the last meating on mo by Bro Deacond Jas Wheeler to receivd the minuts of the the wer [they were] recieved & adopted on mo by Bro William Dawson that Bro A.B. Lee shall have accuding voice in our meating unifinsh buisness Bro F. Hill case on mo Deacound Yates that we will not [lician?] Bro F. Hill 11 for not lician 1 for lician Bro F Hill ask for a letter of dismissive on mo by Deacound Jack Holms that we will continue Bro Hill letter Report of standing committee Bro Kemp [illegible] report that Sister [illegible] Johnson & Sister [Lusea?] Edward need care of the some one on mo by Bro William Dawson to take up new buisness