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[pg.] 108 on mo by Bro WP Dawson that we will take up new buisness reading of a letter coming from Bro LH Tunstall on mo by Deacond Jack Holms that we will receivd the letter comming from Bro LH Tunstall it was discussed pro & con on mo by Deacond Js Wheeler that we will [receive?] Bro LH Tunstall to the Massadonia 4 for reckoning 8 against on mo by Bro JW Lewise that Bro L.H. Tunstall shall appear before the church and set him self straight Bro on mo by Deacond Yates that we will here [hear] the report comming from Bro JW Lewise as a building committee Willis Bro William Harris due on [illegible] 33 cts Jake Johnson pledge 10.00 pd one dollar on mo by Bro J.W. Lewise that Sister Muse will prezent [present] the deed by next concil for the land whitch the ch bought on mo by Deacond Jack Holms to adgern [adjourn] sang hylm 350 Come we that love the Lord Benediction by the pastor

[pg.] 109 Sept 4 Satuarday 1917 Genral ch meating was call to ord by the pastor sang hylm 166 Come let us join our [cheerful songs?] Red apart of the 9 chpt St Luke pray by Bro A [Jones?] sang hylm I will [gide?-guide?] the[e] after whitch the pastor rose & anounce that the meating was opnen for business reading of the minuts of the last meating on mo by Deacond Jack Holms that we will receivd the minuts with nesseary [necessary] correction the wer [they were] receivd & adopted after whitch a letter comeing from Bro LH Tunstall & a letter from Bro JT Hall asking for a letter of dismision on by Dacound Jas Wheeler to received the letters the wer [they were] received on mo by Bro WP Dawson that Bro JT Holms shall have a letter of dismission on mo that we will pay Bro WP Dawson 100 for going to Tappahannock to bank the money on mo by Bro William Dawson to take up new buisness on mo by Deacond Loung that the shall have as many [illegible] as nessary to [sue?] [adopted?] on mo by Deacond Loung that this after talk after preaching shall be cut out here after