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(left side)

On and by [Beu?] A [Johns?] I am given [illegible] in law 345My gift the [illegible] of all my Joy [Benediction?] by the Pastors act & [illegible] 194 Journal of meetings was called to ask by the [Delaware? Dollar?] many [illegible] 141 there is a nae close & hereread about of the is child of the [illegible] [Corinthians?] Prayer by Reverend always[ safe?] is a promise of God. after which the Pastor rose and announced that the [annuling?] was [open?] for [illegible] Reading at the [illegible] at last meeting

(right side)

After service one Sunday at [Twenty?] one at good [illegible] 4 at Twenty on and by [illegible] RH