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[pg.] 110 on mo by Bro A Jones to adgern [adjourn] sang hylm 345 My God the springs of all my joy Benediction by the pastor

Oct 4 Satuarday 1917 Genral ch meating was call to ordr by the pastor sang hylm 171 Thare is a name I love to here [hear] Red apart of the 13 chpt of the first Corrithains Prayer by Deacond Loungs sang hylm Tis a promise of God after whitch the pastor rose and anounced that the meating was opnen for buisness reading of the minuts of last meating on mo by Deacond Loungs that the minut be recived and adopted the wer [they were] recived report of standing committee report comeing fro[m] the committee that went down to see the Deacond of Trinity about holding service thare the report was tabled on mo by Deacound Yeats to recived the report coming from Deacond Wheeler on mo by Deacound Loungs to take up new buisness the quistion arrose about having meating at Trinity all the winter on mo by Deacond Holms that we will have

[pg.] 111 our service one sunday at Trinity one at Good Hope secound sunday at Good Hope 4 at Trinity on mo by Deacound RHC Sr. that Deacound Holms & Deacound Seger to meat the Good Hope deacound & notify them that we will have our service thare [there] on the secound sunday in each mounth Deacound RHC offerd a sugestion about the ch would help to come pleat [complete] the schools house it was discused pro & con and was decide to help to come pleated [completed] on mo by Deacond RHC that Bro William & Deacound Yates Deacound RHC shall be the committee to recived the money